Your Divorce Case Doesn't Have to Last Years

Your Divorce Case Doesn't Have to Last Years

Retain an efficient divorce attorney in Abingdon or Lebanon, VA

When you're going through a divorce, you need a divorce attorney who is sympathetic, but who can also fight for your family. It's a difficult situation when you have to hammer out the details of a divorce, so let O'Brien Law, LLC do it for you. We serve clients in Abingdon and Lebanon, VA and surrounding areas.

When you're choosing a divorce attorney, you want someone who:

  • Knows the ins and outs of the legal process: Attorney O'Brien understands the nuances of divorce law in Virginia.
  • Uses the discovery process: Prior to going to trial, attorney O'Brien will work to reveal the facts of the opposing party to make it easier to reach a settlement.
  • Works efficiently: Attorney O'Brien will make sure that your case moves quickly so that you aren't dealing with a long divorce process.

Virginia is an equitable distribution state, which means that your assets will be split fairly unless you're able to reach a settlement. Let O'Brien Law represent you during your divorce in the Lebanon or Abingdon, VA area.

Fault vs. no-fault divorce in Virginia

Curious about the grounds for filing divorce in Virginia? You're dealing with a fault-based divorce if:

  • Your spouse cheats on you
  • Your spouse is convicted of a felony
  • Your spouse is guilty of cruelty, desertion or abandonment

Virginia allows fault divorces, and proving that your spouse is at fault can affect the outcome of your asset distribution. Alternatively, a no-fault divorce is not based on either party's conduct, and you must agree to live separately for 12 months to move forward with the divorce.

Contact O'Brien Law today to retain a knowledgeable fault-based divorce attorney. We'll help you navigate divorce law in Virginia.