Your Divorce Case Doesn't Have to Last Years

Your Divorce Case Doesn't Have to Last Years

Hire an efficient divorce attorney in Abingdon and Lebanon, VA

When you're going through a divorce, you need a divorce attorney who is sympathetic, but who can also fight for your family. It's a difficult situation when you have to hammer out the details of a divorce, so let O'Brien Law, LLC do it for you. When you're choosing a divorce attorney, you want someone who:
  • Knows the ins and outs of divorce law: Attorney O'Brien understands the nuances of divorce law in Virginia.
  • Uses the discovery process: During the pre-trial, your attorney works to reveal the facts of the opposing party to make it easier to reach a settlement.
  • Works efficiently: Your attorney makes sure that your case moves quickly so that you aren't dealing with a long divorce process.

Virginia is an equitable distribution state, which means that your assets will be split fairly, unless you're able to reach a settlement. Let O'Brien Law represent you during your divorce in Abingdon or Lebanon, VA.

Fault vs. no-fault divorce in Virginia

You're dealing with a fault-based divorce if:

  • Your spouse cheats on you
  • Your spouse is convicted of a felony
  • Your spouse is guilty of cruelty, desertion or abandonment

Virginia allows fault divorces, and proving that your spouse is at fault can affect the outcome of your asset distribution.

Alternatively, a no-fault divorce is not based on either party's conduct, and you must agree to live separately for 12 months to move forward with the divorce. Call O'Brien Law to have a knowledgeable fault-based divorce attorney help you navigate your divorce.