Want to Fight for Your Rights by Filing a Lawsuit?

Want to Fight for Your Rights by Filing a Lawsuit?

You'll need help from a skilled litigation attorney

When you're involved in a child custody battle or a civil dispute, you might not be able to work things out with the other party. Litigation involves filing a lawsuit, presenting arguments and awaiting a judge's decision. If you're searching for a skilled litigation attorney in the Lebanon, VA area, look no further than O'Brien Law, LLC.

Attorney O'Brien excels at litigation and develops courtroom strategies tailor-made for every client. That means you can expect personalized service from him.

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A litigation attorney with a unique approach

Attorney O'Brien started his legal career in 2011 and opened this litigation firm about seven years later. His litigation strategy is unique because it involves Kung Fu ideologies, which he learned in part from his time spent in China.

Be sure to ask about his travels when you speak with attorney O'Brien.